Themed Shipping Boxes: A-C

What on earth are themed shipping boxes?  Well, to be fair, most people probably wouldn’t call them that, but it really is what they are.  There are SO many companies right now that offer specific treats, products, services and set-ups delivered right to your door.

For example, I was at a birthday party for my friend’s youngest, and I was talking to her pre-teen daughter who was waiting excitedly for the mailman to arrive.  Why was she so excited?  Because her mom had gotten her set up to receive a box, once a month, that contains samples of makeup and different hygiene items.  It wound up being a cute little box, and the products were useful and adorable.

You can always tell the company by their shipping boxes: Amazon uses their Amazon tape, and most of the logos are printed on the outside of the rest.

Battle Box:  The Battle Box is just so much stinking fun.  How cool would it have been to be the one to think this up?  True to it’s name, Battle Box delivers randomly selected tactical and survival items to your house.  You can choose the most basic package, which gets you up to 4 items, or you can go all the way to Pro Plus and get up to 10 items; anything from compasses to manuals to knives!


The Bookworm Box: This would probably be my favorite out of all of the themed shipping boxes if you could choose the genre of books you wanted sent to you, but the set-up only allows for random selections.  Since I’m not so much into romance novels, I probably wouldn’t appreciate most of the contents, but hey.  Not only does The Bookworm Box send a couple of books each month, but they also include some “swag”, like bookcovers and pens and other useless crap.


Calmbox: maybe a little cheesy, and with the potential to be under-appreciated, the concept of Calmbox is pretty great.  Each month each box is packed full of the three most currently Popular Ps- positivity, peace and pleasure.  Wonderful aromas, inspiring teas, and motivational reminds make Calmbox a sure thing for any Yogi poser (wink).  Seriously, though, who doesn’t like tea and lavender bath salts?


Candy Club: okay, this would be favorite of the themed shipping boxes!! It’s not super complicated.


You pay twenty bucks a month and in return you gets loads of amazing candy.  What’s not to love about that?