Custom Shipping Branding Options to Try!

When trying to get your brand out, sometimes you can look at shipping t help with this. There are so many different ways to use shipping to build your brand, but here we will talk about the top ways to do this, and anything that you need to know about each.

First, there are custom boxes. Few things are more exciting than when you see a package arrive on your doorstep with the logo you’ve been waiting for. You can get custom shipping boxes as well. You can do anything from simple designs to even premium grade printing across the entire box, and that will make the package look unmissable. People will know based on the box, and you can even use windowed options for different types of shipping.

There are also custom shipping bags. If you want it to look more sophisticated, bags are the way to go. These include merchandise bags, or even fabric and gourmet bags, and you can ship each of these in style. Thes include all the trimmings to complete the look, including fillers, ribbons, tissue paper, bows, and more, and many of them are eco-friendly too. You can get poly foam bags with custom pieces that look great, and so many options to choose from.

You can even use different shipping peanuts. Using biodegradable shipping peanuts made of cornstarch allows for a non-toxic and static resistant activity that’s good to have around kids and pets. They’re designed to stack to even the toughest polystyrene competitors, which gives cushioning against packing and impacts. They dissolve in water too, and it won’t harm anything. They may not be brandable, but saying you use that will build a better repute with customers who focus on being eco-friendly.

Custom shipping tape is another. You don’t have to use brown or clear, but there are some tape options for sealing your box types with your color and logo. The main difference lays in the material that’s used for this, and also how it’s printed, and the colors used. It can be expensive though, so you should keep in mind that factor when choosing this.

Finally, you’ve got monthly mailer boxes. If you do monthly mailer boxes, you can send small samples to your customers for a small fee. This is pretty great, and with the right packaging company, you can put together a subscription box, and even use the dividers to create a customized option depending on your product.

The cost of this really depends on the degree of customization that you use, and the colors that are involved, and some have bulk ordering options, but others have a smaller and more personalized sort of run to them. If you’re a smaller company, these may not be viable, but if you’re looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, this is it, and if you want to get more interested in your product, this is how you do it in a simple and effective manner.