Themed Shipping Boxes: A-C

What on earth are themed shipping boxes?  Well, to be fair, most people probably wouldn’t call them that, but it really is what they are.  There are SO many companies right now that offer specific treats, products, services and set-ups delivered right to your door.

For example, I was at a birthday party for my friend’s youngest, and I was talking to her pre-teen daughter who was waiting excitedly for the mailman to arrive.  Why was she so excited?  Because her mom had gotten her set up to receive a box, once a month, that contains samples of makeup and different hygiene items.  It wound up being a cute little box, and the products were useful and adorable.

You can always tell the company by their shipping boxes: Amazon uses their Amazon tape, and most of the logos are printed on the outside of the rest.

Battle Box:  The Battle Box is just so much stinking fun.  How cool would it have been to be the one to think this up?  True to it’s name, Battle Box delivers randomly selected tactical and survival items to your house.  You can choose the most basic package, which gets you up to 4 items, or you can go all the way to Pro Plus and get up to 10 items; anything from compasses to manuals to knives!


The Bookworm Box: This would probably be my favorite out of all of the themed shipping boxes if you could choose the genre of books you wanted sent to you, but the set-up only allows for random selections.  Since I’m not so much into romance novels, I probably wouldn’t appreciate most of the contents, but hey.  Not only does The Bookworm Box send a couple of books each month, but they also include some “swag”, like bookcovers and pens and other useless crap.


Calmbox: maybe a little cheesy, and with the potential to be under-appreciated, the concept of Calmbox is pretty great.  Each month each box is packed full of the three most currently Popular Ps- positivity, peace and pleasure.  Wonderful aromas, inspiring teas, and motivational reminds make Calmbox a sure thing for any Yogi poser (wink).  Seriously, though, who doesn’t like tea and lavender bath salts?


Candy Club: okay, this would be favorite of the themed shipping boxes!! It’s not super complicated.


You pay twenty bucks a month and in return you gets loads of amazing candy.  What’s not to love about that?

Custom Shipping Branding Options to Try!

When trying to get your brand out, sometimes you can look at shipping t help with this. There are so many different ways to use shipping to build your brand, but here we will talk about the top ways to do this, and anything that you need to know about each.

First, there are custom boxes. Few things are more exciting than when you see a package arrive on your doorstep with the logo you’ve been waiting for. You can get custom shipping boxes as well. You can do anything from simple designs to even premium grade printing across the entire box, and that will make the package look unmissable. People will know based on the box, and you can even use windowed options for different types of shipping.

There are also custom shipping bags. If you want it to look more sophisticated, bags are the way to go. These include merchandise bags, or even fabric and gourmet bags, and you can ship each of these in style. Thes include all the trimmings to complete the look, including fillers, ribbons, tissue paper, bows, and more, and many of them are eco-friendly too. You can get poly foam bags with custom pieces that look great, and so many options to choose from.

You can even use different shipping peanuts. Using biodegradable shipping peanuts made of cornstarch allows for a non-toxic and static resistant activity that’s good to have around kids and pets. They’re designed to stack to even the toughest polystyrene competitors, which gives cushioning against packing and impacts. They dissolve in water too, and it won’t harm anything. They may not be brandable, but saying you use that will build a better repute with customers who focus on being eco-friendly.

Custom shipping tape is another. You don’t have to use brown or clear, but there are some tape options for sealing your box types with your color and logo. The main difference lays in the material that’s used for this, and also how it’s printed, and the colors used. It can be expensive though, so you should keep in mind that factor when choosing this.

Finally, you’ve got monthly mailer boxes. If you do monthly mailer boxes, you can send small samples to your customers for a small fee. This is pretty great, and with the right packaging company, you can put together a subscription box, and even use the dividers to create a customized option depending on your product.

The cost of this really depends on the degree of customization that you use, and the colors that are involved, and some have bulk ordering options, but others have a smaller and more personalized sort of run to them. If you’re a smaller company, these may not be viable, but if you’re looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, this is it, and if you want to get more interested in your product, this is how you do it in a simple and effective manner.

The best End of Line Packaging materials to Use

Many shippers have diverse inventories of packaging materials. While every job has their own requirements, the basic necessities are always tape, boxes, labels, poly bags, fasteners, and specialty products for packing items. For transfers that are trouble-free, make sure you take stock of your items best shipped, and make sure that you have enough inventory and supplies for that. You can get packaging providers to help with this, and they will give recommendations and access to the same materials for shipping. Packaging and shipping tackle small items that are shipped on the regular but also bulk shipments that require solutions that are pallet sized. Whatever the needs, freight operations start with the right boxes, labels, poly bags, and tape.

Corrugated boxes are the standard though. While there are many different shipping options, the one that seems to fit all is the corrugated box. They’re configured to countless shapes and sizes, with countless custom varies produced with this. The sizing of these boxes is important for different reasons, including the product security and control. Standard boxes are good as economical alternatives, whereas the single wall ones give more protection for the items that are shipped. Those that are heavy-duty, double-wall in terms of construction will reinforce the product protection and will offer more impact absorption and puncture resistance. The multi-depth boxes are scored to fold to many places, allowing for the items of varying boxes to be packed. Boxes should be sized to accommodate the products that you have and the space that they need to fill, with foam, bubble wrap, and paper being used at times. You should make sure to balance out protection and packing. Packing materials will give recommendations and box sizing information will give the best strategies for shipping products.

In addition to this, shippers will use application corrugated boxes, used to specify the computers and electronic components. Custom impact absorbing inserts are important to use with sensitive components that can be used for travel. Similar inserts help with custom fitting of material to transport stuff safely, and insulated boxes are good for maintaining the freshness and temperature of items. Those that ship paper goods and printed materials use the hanging file boxes that are used for prints.

automation – Cardboard boxes on conveyor belt in factory

You can also use tape and labeling supplies to send valuable messages. Warnings of glass or fragile, or CoD labels will help to collect payments when needed, and there is also the packing list that’s available when it shows the documentation concerning right. Labels that show the regulatory compliance are in re-printed qualities, letting the handlers know of hazardous materials, compressed gas, and sensitive freight. Tape needs are not for every single piece of shipping, but good for sealing.

If you have these items, you’ll be able to create a better and more rewarding shipping campaign. In turn, you’ll be able to bring forth more success and better shipping services, which allow for better results from your shipping as well.

Pallet Packaging for a Trouble-Free Freight

To have successful packaging, you need to pay attention to the individual items, giving good insulation and impact resistance and puncture resistance. As packs are made into master cartons, and retail display units, you need to take care to reinforce the product protection during each phase of this. If you want trouble-free shipping, you need to do this with pallet level packaging.

Having items secured and contained is one of the main goals for packing these pallets, and with the help of tools and other products that are made for this, you’ll be able to keep everything safe. You need to look at shipping and the correct features that lead to better pallets to transport. Shipments are good to help get items out, but you’ll want to start from the base upwards when you’re packing items.

First, consider the corrugated deck pads and the edge protectors. Soundly constructed pallets start with the bottom, and there are several corrugated material varieties that are used to separate the pallet layers. Single, double, and triple-wall strengths allow for products to be stacked on pallets, including machinery and appliances that are protected by three-layer varieties.

There are anti-slip kraft paper pads that give more friction against the movement and keeping items in place until they should be moved. White cardboard varieties serve for good lighter uses, and specialized honeycomb sheets are good for protection in between layers.

As you build up the pallet layers, you should put edge protector on every single corner, with corrugated pad liners that create continuity across the full pallet. Edge protection runs through various lengths and depending on how high the pallet is built, you’ll have to adjust this. Printed versions are good too since they warn against double stacking. You should also look to reinforce the strapping too when it comes into contact with the box edges.

Then there are strapping supplies. When you stack and wrap them, you can secure it with strapping. Steel, polypropylene, and polyester strapping allow for more security, keeping the pallet content in place when handled. Strapping is good to help reinforce the contact points where the poly and the steel straps meet the cardboard and the other materials are subject to strap damage. You should use tensioners and sealers, and you can seal this for shipment. On the receiving end, you can cut these bands with steel sheers.

Finally, consider stretch wrapping. This will allow for enhancing and preventing puncture of the items. It’s important to consider this one since it will allow you to stretch it using plastic film. It’s great for varying amounts, and in turn, you’ll be able to protect your items.

When it comes to pallets, you’ll want to protect them in the right kinds of ways, which means that you should look at all of the different means that are there, and start to put forth new and innovative means to ensure that you have enough protection, so that it’s secured.