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Donald Trump has Now Tied with Pope Francis as the Second Most Admired Man in America

Recently, Americans have named Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama as the most admired man and woman in 2015, with Donald Trump Earning the same as Pope Francis in a survey that was recently released.

On the list of the most admired women, Clinton got about 13 percent of the poll and was the top woman for the pole for the 20th time.  It was seven more times in percentage than Eleanor Roosevelt.  Obama earned about 17% on the man’s side, and it was his eighth time at the top of the list, tying for second in occurrence between Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan.  Former president Dwight D. Eisenhower was named the most admired man 12 times, which is the record.



Coming in second to Clinton was the Nobel Peace Prize recipient Malala Yousafzai with about five percent, and following that was opera Winfrey and Michelle Obama with about 4% of the votes.  Below them were also many different political figures from all around the world, from some of the presidential candidates, to even the German chancellor and the Myanmar politician, but they all had about 2% or less of the votes.


Now, in the list of the most admired men, Pope Francis and Donald Trump were tied for second place, earning about 5% of the votes, with Bill Gates at 2%.  On this list as well included many of the political and religious figures that are out in the world, such as the Dalai lama and George W. Bush, but they rounded out the top 10 with only about a percent each.  For Trump, this is actually his fifth time being in the final top 10, with instances occurring four times years before since 1989.

This poll was conducted on December 2-6, with over 824 adults being surveyed nationwide via landlines and through phones.  The overall margin of error is about +/- 4 percentage points, but that doesn’t mean much in this case.

This poll also had the error however of only being conducted in the US, with many of the significant figures that were being chosen residing in this country.  Also, many of the ones that were chosen were also ones that have had a lot of exposure on major news networks such as Fox and ABC, whereas many of the other ones were normally thrown off by the side in terms of coverage.

Also keeping in mind the demographics of voters, this list does say something about many people in the country in terms of who they consider to be important and admirable people.  It does have a margin of error, and if this poll was conducted outside of the US as well as within the country, there would probably be a different set of people chosen in terms of who was considered admirable in other people around the world, and who isn’t considered in that vein in other countries that are around.