Simple Techniques to Remove Carpet Mold

One of the factors that can destroy a carpet is occurrence of molds. The molds in carpet can degrade sophistication that you have been trying to develop in overall design for years. Moreover, the molds can also cause unwanted odor; and since these spots are caused by the factors which are natural allergens, asthma patients may find it difficult to breath where mold ridden carpets are placed.

To get rid of the carpet molds, here are some methods that you can take into consideration.

Method 1: Go for the Household Supplies First

  • Check the carpet to find out mold’s effect. It might need a considerable amount of time and effort to clean the carpet if mold has reached the carpet’s base. Upon finding that huge part of carpet is affected by mold, you might need to replace the carpet.
  • Arrange proper ventilation for room where moldy carpet is placed. It will reduce humidity, which is usually the main reason for mold development on a carpet.
  • Give your carpet the sunlight by hanging it over a clothesline. Let the carpet be hung for more than 24 hours to kill the moisture.
  • Baking soda is a good agent that can help in moisture reduction. Sprinkle the soda and let it be like it is for a full day. This step can ease down the mold removal process.
  • White vinegar is also an option for mold removal. However, not every kind of mold can be treated with vinegar. Still, it’s an easy option that might save you good amount of money and extra effort.

Carpet Mold

Method 2: Commercial Products or Services

  • To get rid of the molds, anti-mold products can be of good help. However, any product should be checked whether it isn’t safe for carpet. Read the instructions and do exactly what would be suggested.
  • Sometimes, carpet cleaning products can also be helpful in removing the molds. Label on the product should be viewed first before use.
  • Chlorine dioxide is a viable option for mold removal; but, be cautious because chlorine dioxide might change the carpet color. It is ideal to use chlorine dioxide on hidden area of carpet to see if carpet color has changed.
  • Steam vacuum cleaner can uproot tenacious molds. Good news is that you can get these vacuum cleaners on rent. After cleaning by using these cleaners, it is essential to dry the water, which is usually left.
  • For serious kinds of molds, you can call professionals such as The benefit of hiring experts is that they use most appropriate mold removal techniques.

Method 3: Mold Prevention

  • Prevent water damage to avoid mold development. This is something that you might need to do even before setting carpet in the room.
  • Existing moisture in the air should be reduced with the help of appropriate ventilation. Leave the windows open and turn on the fan. That will certainly kill moisture to prevent molds.
  • Purchasing a dehumidifier is an ideal option if you are living in an area with humid environment. It will help prevent gathering of moisture that exists in the air.
  • After cleaning the molds, run HEPA vacuum cleaner in order to get rid of the last spores on the carpet.

Mold removal from the carpet can be a little tricky; but for the sake of keeping the carpet clean and long lasting, any kind of appropriate action is worth a try.