SEO Services And Why They Vary in Costs

When you make the decision to implement your chiropractic SEO (wise person, you) into your business in order to increase traffic to your webpage and promote yourself in local search engines, you must decide which type of SEO service you plan on paying for.  There are three main types, all of which vary in pricing.  Perhaps you have done research on these and you still are conflicted on which one to pursue.


Well, we have broken down the three main types for you, and hopefully it will give you clear direction on what to choose for your chiroPractic SEO.

  1. Automated Software Platforms. Automated software platforms are generally the most basic of all SEO programs.  These services focus primarily on promoting and managing citations within the local search ecosystem.  There is normally a monthly or yearly fee, ranging anywhere from $84/year to $400/year, depending on how many locations you wish to be promoted.  The software platform makes sure that all of your business information (name, address, phone number) is being submitted to different business directories and data providers and is consistent across the entire ecosystem.  The upside to these software platforms is that they are user friendly and easy to navigate.  The downside is, once you stop paying for your services, your information is no longer being circulated.  Automated software platforms are great for increasing your search results, but don’t do much for increasing overall website rankings.  This type of service is ideal for a small, local business in a specific niche market.
  2. Small-Scale Local Campaigns. This type of campaign offers small-scale, cookie-cutter marketing campaigns.  Think: Hibu, Yodle, & Yellow Pages.  These types of companies generally include social media management and pay-per-click ads as a part of the bundle.  The upside to this type of campaign is that the small budget is spread thin across multiple channels which is great for being seen on the web.  On the other side of the coin, however, the downside is that when you are spread so thin, not one channel can yield totally amazing results.  These types of campaigns typically cost anywhere from $400-$900 per month.  Like the automated platforms, once you stop paying for the services, the results will disappear.
  3. Holistic Local SEO Campaigns. This is the most advanced form of SEO.  These types of campaigns include the following: maintaining the website and all of its internal elements, optimizing external factors such as links and citations, mobile SEO, assistance with online review strategies, and even consulting and custom reporting.  Holistic local chiropractic SEO campaigns are run by SEO technicians that are experts in the field.  If you stop working with the agency, the SEO results will not disappear immediately.  Although a bit costly at $900 to $2,000 per month, they are well worth it for the value of what you will receive.