Google Changes Metrics in AdWords

As of late, Google has started to put in a new metric for their AdWords system, which tells people about the visits to their store, and one can see these based on a Keyword or Even on an Ad level.  This in turn will allow advertisers to see the visits each day, week, or even month to see what works well and when they should put them in.

This is a great thing to have in store, because these can timely be put in at the appropriate times, such as the Thanksgiving season during the football games.  Google did this because they reviewed the data at their own level, and implemented this so that various advertisers can see the keywords and which ads are actually driving up their store visits and helping them.  They also can see which product works the most and brings in the most visitors.

Google Changes Metrics in AdWords

This will also help choose which ads and products to market, such as maybe having some dolls marketed to bring in the most visitors.  They might also be able to improve both online and offline sales as well.  How this works is that they look at the ROI from the online information provided.  The store looks at the advertisers products and sees the relation between that and the visits to their stores.  Now, because of this, you actually end up getting a lot of benefits from this, including four times the amount of conversions overall and you can actually increase the conversion by ten times since you will incorporate the data into your ad performance as well.

Now, how this works is that you might see data on the Google searches for many stores that are out there, such as maybe Macy’s or Target.  We usually have our Google accounts logged in on our mobile devices, and through this Google can look at the searches and the clicks on a various ad, and even what stores a user is going to.  Usually, the visit happens within 30 days, but most of the time if it’s a larger purchase, it can be as big as 90 days.

Now, because of this, it can also look at the locations of the store, and even how the store is made up, and it can show where customers are going to.  The data is kept anonymous though, and it’s only based on those who keep the location on.  You can change it if you don’t want to have that on, but this information is actually used in surveys to help prove the data that is found through this.  For example, if you were looking for SEO, and you searched it, Google would know immediately what you’re looking for, and it would be a part of their survey.

This might seem strange, but it allows people to get the information that they need to help with the improvements of their store.  It’s a way to help track advertisements, and the data is being improved every single day.

Summoners War: Some Tips and Tricks for Better Gameplay

Summoners war can be very enjoyable when it’s easy to play. Ease in playing doesn’t mean reduced difficulty levels, but it is more concerned with handling the game controls in order to carry out different tasks proficiently.

Moreover, it is also associated with how you strategize you gameplay. Here are some tricks and tips to help you to have better gaming experience with Summoners war.

  1. Know the monsters’ strengths and weaknesses by memorizing their attributes

Each monster in the game is attributed with a specific element. Now, every element has its strength and weakness against other specific elements. 5 main elements in this game are water, wind, fire, darkness and light. In the game world, water is weaker than wind, wind can be overcome by fire, fire is weaker than water, and darkness/light are stronger/weaker than each other.


  1. Get rid of one enemy at a time

During the fight against opponent monsters, control the monsters under your command to attack one monster at a time. This tactic can help you overcoming the enemy by reducing their chances to make a comeback.


  1. Fighting the Boss Characters

Boss characters are toughest. That’s why they are called boss. To fight them, you need the best from your monsters’ club. At this stage, you will need to keep an eye on the attributes of boss character in order to pick your ally monsters with competitive abilities. Fighting the boss will require your monsters to possess powerful abilities otherwise opponent will put your gameplay into misery.


  1. Participate in Arena Battle

Arena battle serves as the opportunity for you to get rewards, experience and necessary updates in your defense system. Your monsters can get great strength from items like crystals. You can get these items as rewards by fighting the arena battles. Better success rate at arena will help you to upgrade your rank.


  1. Devilmon and Angelmon

These two are the material type monsters. You can go to elemental dungeons and angel garden to get angelmon. Devilmons are usually located in glory shop and devilmon cave. Devilmon has the capability to boost the powers of any of your monster. While Angelmons give your monsters the experience points.


  1. Develop environments for the benefits of your monsters

Make sure that environment, which you are creating, covers the areas like Crystal Lake, Tranquil Forest and gusty Cliffs. Covering these environments will give your monsters extra EXP. Assign all three areas among your monsters in an evenly manner.

  1. Gain Access to Cairo Dungeon by Completing Kabir Ruins

Get everything accomplished within the Kabir Ruins as soon as possible in order to get the Cairo Dungeon unlocked. Cairo Dungeon might not be friendly but you will be able to get highly valuable items for your monsters during this level.

  1. Get a Healer

With the challenging battles against tough opponents, your monster party is definitely going to lose health. To take care of this, you can get a powerful healer in your team. Healers are basically the monsters namely Lulu and Neal. Include them in your team, raise and upgrade them to make them even more powerful. They are surely going to help you in the battle.

These basic tricks are surely going to make your experience with Summoners War exceptional but if you are looking for advance techniques, you can check summoners war hack.

FBI Monitoring Oregon Standoff

Recently, the FBI has taken it into their own hands to look at the armed standoff in Oregon where a group of militia people, along with family of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, are sitting in a building on federal land at a national wildlife refuge. The FBI is working with the Harney County Sheriff’s Office, along with the Oregon state police and other law enforcement agencies to bring a resolution to this.

The militia that is occupying the wildlife refuge have even set up a roadblock, and two armed members have manned a gun tower that is used to help with wildfires, but is not being used to watch out for law enforcement. However, the local police are not going to the scene so they say.

The foundation for this was a protest on Saturday in Harney County where ranchers were sent to prison for committing arson. The brothers left eastern Oregon early Sunday to California where they were to serve their prison sentences. The two men were convicted of setting fires to federal land, and the Hammonds said they using the land for their cattle population.
militiamen staging a protest

There are devastating affects to these fires, especially since they were intestinally set and illegally on public lands, and it could threaten the residents as well. After the rally for the Hammons on Saturday, a group of militia that were involved in a standoff with the government over grazing rites initiated the occupation of the headquarters of a local wildlife refuge. They’re saying that the government is taking the land and the resources, leaving people in poverty and that the wildlife refuge has been a tool in doing that.

Bundy is the man at the helm of this, and he says that if they don’ take a stand, they won’t be able to as a people. He rallied a militia to help him, and the actions are not aggressive and haven’t caused any damage or criminal activity. He says that his group helps the local workers to benefit from the land. The group wants to asset that the federal land isn’t allowed to control the land inside the state. The group does not have plans to occupy other buildings, but it’s a federal property managed by the US Fish and Wildlife service. They occupied it when it was closed over the holiday weekend.

The sheriff said that these men were claiming to be a part of the militia groups supporting local ranchers, and that these men are trying to overthrow the county and start a movement. Right now, there are serval organizations that are making sure that the country is safe though and as peaceful as possible.

Right now, there isn’t anything bad going on, but the sheriff said that to stay inside and away from the refuge for their own safety, and that if anyone sees these people to contact the law enforcement and not confront them themselves. Currently, the schools are closed this week to ensure safety and for the concern of all.

Donald Trump has Now Tied with Pope Francis as the Second Most Admired Man in America

Recently, Americans have named Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama as the most admired man and woman in 2015, with Donald Trump Earning the same as Pope Francis in a survey that was recently released.

On the list of the most admired women, Clinton got about 13 percent of the poll and was the top woman for the pole for the 20th time.  It was seven more times in percentage than Eleanor Roosevelt.  Obama earned about 17% on the man’s side, and it was his eighth time at the top of the list, tying for second in occurrence between Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan.  Former president Dwight D. Eisenhower was named the most admired man 12 times, which is the record.


Coming in second to Clinton was the Nobel Peace Prize recipient Malala Yousafzai with about five percent, and following that was opera Winfrey and Michelle Obama with about 4% of the votes.  Below them were also many different political figures from all around the world, from some of the presidential candidates, to even the German chancellor and the Myanmar politician, but they all had about 2% or less of the votes.


Now, in the list of the most admired men, Pope Francis and Donald Trump were tied for second place, earning about 5% of the votes, with Bill Gates at 2%.  On this list as well included many of the political and religious figures that are out in the world, such as the Dalai lama and George W. Bush, but they rounded out the top 10 with only about a percent each.  For Trump, this is actually his fifth time being in the final top 10, with instances occurring four times years before since 1989.

This poll was conducted on December 2-6, with over 824 adults being surveyed nationwide via landlines and through phones.  The overall margin of error is about +/- 4 percentage points, but that doesn’t mean much in this case.

This poll also had the error however of only being conducted in the US, with many of the significant figures that were being chosen residing in this country.  Also, many of the ones that were chosen were also ones that have had a lot of exposure on major news networks such as Fox and ABC, whereas many of the other ones were normally thrown off by the side in terms of coverage.

Also keeping in mind the demographics of voters, this list does say something about many people in the country in terms of who they consider to be important and admirable people.  It does have a margin of error, and if this poll was conducted outside of the US as well as within the country, there would probably be a different set of people chosen in terms of who was considered admirable in other people around the world, and who isn’t considered in that vein in other countries that are around.

Setting Up A Home Theatre System – How to?

The popularity of home theatre with high definition TVs has increased and it is mainly attributed by the low price of TVs. However, a home theatre doesn’t entirely depend on the good quality of visuals only. The theatre system needs to be comfortable with best quality of voice and visual effects. To set up that system, there are a number of steps that you will need to follow until complete implementation. Let’s have a brief look at these steps.

Step 1: Select a TV



TV needs to be selected by keeping a number of aspects in mind.

  • Size of TV matters a lot. Most of the people usually think of only big-sized TVs being suitable for home theatre; which is not always the best idea. Select the size that will not cause visibility problems, which are usual when big screen is viewed from close distance.
  • Lighting in the room and screen type should be well matched. LEDs and OLEDs are made to match with all kinds of lighting. All you will need is to adjust the brightness and color optimizers.
  • Higher resolution of screen is always better if you are fond of good quality pictures. However, home theatre system provides best visual effects with full HD resolution of screen. Ultra HD, in this scenario might not make any difference.
  • Now it’s the time to arrange the video source. For this, you can purchase TV receiver, DVD or Blu-Ray disk player, or arrange a high-speed internet connection if you are fond of video streaming.

Step 2: Set Up the Sound System



Consider following points while setting up a sound system.

  • It is first to decide what kind of sound system you want to deploy. Either you want the stereo system or 5.1 surround system, make a choice and get a basic understanding of technical aspects regarding positioning the speakers.
  • It is worth noting that most of the sound system companies offer complete home theatre packages. Their products may vary from cost perspective. Purchasing sound system from renowned companies might cost you some extra bucks but you will have the satisfaction from quality and durability viewpoint.
  • The surround system usually consists of two front speakers, two at the rare, one subwoofer and a multichannel receiver for audio inputs. It surely says all about the position of sound equipment as well.

Step 3: Combining All Together




 This mainly involves power wiring and cabling between items to establish he connections.

  • Attach cable ducts with the walls for safe passage of power cables from outside to the power outlet. Set up 3 – 4 sockets in the outlet.
  • Always use HDMI cables for forming connection between video source and TV.
  • Sound system may consume most of the cabling in the room. Using cable ducts might not be the best option in this scenario because of the comparatively random positions of speakers. The simpler solution in this regard is to conceal the cables under the rug, placed in the center of room. You can place speakers at the ends of the rug to keep most part of the cables hidden.

Step 4: Seating Arrangement



To make the theatre experience better, seating arrangement needs to be in good order. This arrangement basically includes appropriate distance between screen and seating; placement of sound systems in a way that surrounding sounds are listened exactly in the way they are transmitted by entire sound system; and proper lighting to get the best out of visual effects.

Home theatre system implementation is a tricky task which might involve trouble and a bit of extra expenditure. But for the fun that this system can provide, the trouble in implementation is worth it. You may hire an expert to handle it as well . Therefore If you are looking for home cinema installation London, you can check local directories to find a reputable company.

Finding the Right Painting Contractor

Painting a home is a stressful task and hiring the right contractor is sometimes the only solution that can allow you to get rid of that stress. With that said, you need to carefully consider several aspects in order to pick the suitable contractor for painting job.

Here are some tips to help you in your search for professional contractor.

Ask from the people around you

References from relatives and acquaintances can help you in finding the best contractor for home’s painting. The relatives and friends will help you by suggesting hiring the contractors they had good experience with.

Invite proposals from at least three contractors

Getting estimates from more than two contractors will help you to have a basic idea about the pricing. Normally all contractors in an area will charge you the fee within a fixed range. Upon finding the substantial difference in price, you can ask about the quality of paint, and also whether there are corners they intend to leave unpainted.

Right Painting Contractor

Analyze further by interviewing contractors

You can seek answers of a number of questions from contractors. Some of these questions could be:

  • How much are you experienced in the business?
  • Do have the working license?
  • Do you have insurance? (This question is for you to know whether the contractor or workers have injury insurances)
  • Do you have any affiliation with painting associations in the area?
  • Do you handle your projects by yourself or subcontract them further?
  • Do you provide work guarantees on paper?
  • Tell us about the products you use in painting jobs.

Finding the Right Painting Contractor

Provide ample description about the project

You can tell your painting requirements while walking the contractors through every corner of home’s interior and exterior. The benefit of this detailed walk through is that you will able to ask specific questions about certain areas. Particularly, you can ask price-specific questions while pointing at every corner of your home. Moreover, you can also ask and tell about the paint colors in this step.

Be attentive to how the contractors behave

You can make some thoughtful and accurate guesses about contractors’ professionalism based on their attitude and behavior. Try finding answers of some basic questions by observation:

  • Does the contractor deal in professional way?
  • Does the contractor stick to asking business related questions mostly?
  • How much does the contractor seem to be busy? (Good contractors are usually busy)
  • Does the contractor respond to your calls on well-timed basis?

Reference check is important to determine the quality

Contacting past customers of a contractor for references can help you to make the final decision. For the practical demonstration of contractor’s work, you can visit the past clients.

Before awarding the contract, review it

After the contract has been settled, ask for its written form to have a review. Reviewing the contract will help you further in getting clarifications of even the smallest aspects of painting jobs.

With these steps completed, you will surely be able to hand the painting contract over to the most suitable contractor.  If you are looking for painting contractors in Nashville TN, McIntyre Construction could be a great choice as they are experienced in all phases of home remodeling, with a speciality on residential painting in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

“Every man is worth just so much as the things about which he busies himself.”

~Marcus Aurelius Antoninus


Major Cyber Bill Approved By Congress

Chambers of congress approved one of the biggest cyber security bills on Friday. This bill is about encouraging the companies to share their information about hacker’s attacks with government by nullifying customers concerns to some extent. Their lawsuits will not be considered if company would face serious threat by hacking personnel. It is just a matter of short time that president will approve this bill.

The amount of money that will be allocated for this bill will be 1.15 trillion. The cyber security law is now going to be based on this bill.

Major Cyber Bill Approved By Congress

The bill is the major regulation which has been approved by congress in the wake of cyber-attacks and hacking attempts by people who impersonate as different government departments. These hacking attempts have badly exposed the privacy of general users as well as different departments whose security is based on privacy of their data.

According to Adam Schiff who co-sponsors house bills and is a ranking member of House Intelligence Committee, this effort by Congress is strategically huge in order to fight cyber threat. This bill has been considered as a major success because it completely covers cyber security matters.

Devin Nunes, chairman of House Intelligence committee further added into this matter, “We wanted to get it done for five years and there’s been a lot of work. We’re happy to get it across the finish line.

The supporters of this bill firmly believe in it because it is a tool which can help in the fight against hackers and other cyber criminals whose intention is always to access people’s personal information.

The approval of this bill has provoked digital rights groups to stand against it. Not too long ago, digital rights groups strived hard to make USA freedom Act get passed. This bill was made to ensure non-implementation of some conflict-ridden surveillance programs.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that several major tech giants had declined the idea of this bill, shortly before its approval. Big names in Silicon Valley such as Apple, yelp and twitter have also came up with disapproval of this bill, saying that they will take part in any such activity to share information.

Still, this bill has been approved by majority of congressmen who emphasize on making internet a crime free medium.

“You can’t achieve anything without getting in someone’s way. You can’t be detached and effective.”

Abba Eban


Integration of AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) Pages Expected Soon

Google is all set to integrate Accelerated Mobile Pages in Google search in the month of February 2016. The signature benefit of this move is that faster loading pages will get direct benefit from ranking perspective.

This news was released via a blog post which also gave the news about several other developments. The special press conference was also held at San Francisco in this regard.

The press event’s discussion was based on two major points. First is the integration of AMP pages in the Google Search; and second, designation of the label ‘Fast’ to the websites that would be instinctual for viewers. However it is worth mentioning that both points were speculated.


Dave Besbris, about this integration, posted on Google Plus, “AMP is coming as soon as February to Google Search. We’re seeing lots of great momentum from the publisher and technology worlds. Let’s make the web faster.”

Page loading speed of AMPs has already been in Google’s Tech’s discussions. Since Mobile pages get loaded quickly as compared to other pages, the websites with AMPs are likely to enjoy better positions in Google rankings. Although it hasn’t been confirmed officially by Google but given the reiterated advice of fast loading pages’ development by Google, it can be confidently speculated that AMP pages are going to be major beneficiaries.

Upon asking the question about whether the AMP pages will get the status of ‘AMP’d’, Google responded that they will more likely use the label ‘Fast’ for fast loading pages. Google also clarified that it is not the AMP only what loads fast. Moreover, it is also said that working of any label is not guaranteed after the AMP pages are integrated in Google Search.

To see how the AMP pages look like, there is a test site run by Google. It is also unclear that how the AMP pages will look like when integrated into regular Google search because they will definitely be different. This is the reason that a label ‘fast’ covers a lot.