Obama Talks In detail of Americans’ fears in recent State of the union

President Obama gave a speech on Tuesday to talk about the new ambitious vision for America’s future, but also did speak of his own failure to take care of the political divisions that are holding back progress, which in turn he says is a lasting disappointment of his time in office.

On television he avoided the speaking of all the policies to put in, but instead his final state of the union was about a hopeful picture of the nation after his seven years of leadership, which in turn brought about a better economy and a better standing in the world despite the inequality at home and the terrorism happening still.


However, Obama did take responsibility for not reaching the end goal that he promised when he took office eight years ago to transform the state of the political world that day.  One of his few regrets was that the rancor and suspicion between both of the parties has ended up getting worse instead of better.  He did speak about how if he did have the gifts that Lincoln and Roosevelt have, there might be less of a divide.


He did talk about how many Americans do feel frightened and shut from the political and economic issues because they see it as rigged against the interests, but he did give a small rebuke of republicans who use those insecurities in the chance to succeed him.  He urged others to not listen to those who act like that, and you shouldn’t try to listen to those who scapegoat others, or hurt others that aren’t like them.  He then did speak against the bleak appraisals in the state of the nation by ending it in an upbeat assessment.  He did call his opponents version of the world a fiction and did defend many of the decisions, and he did single out in same cases Trump, who is the leading republican candidate for his criticism of peoples.  He said as well that Americans must resist the calls to stigmatize all of the Muslims as threats from the Islamic state.


He then asks the audience if the changes of our time with fear become better or will people turn against others as a people.  He also made an indirect derisive reference to Ted Cruz who is another presidential candidate and contender who did criticize Obama’s foreign policy and tried to get him to “carpet bomb” the Islamic state. 


He said that the president needs to solve these problems, and the answers need to be more than tough talk and carpet bombing the civilians.  Obama did use lofty rhetoric along with punchy, colloquial language, and it did draw more scattered applause in the past, and the president did seem liberated in his decision not to give out the normal legislative proposals, and instead he spoke formally and with humor dotted in there throughout the entire speech.  He worked to answer central questions instead of rattling about points, something that changed the way people view the man.