Major Cyber Bill Approved By Congress

Chambers of congress approved one of the biggest cyber security bills on Friday. This bill is about encouraging the companies to share their information about hacker’s attacks with government by nullifying customers concerns to some extent. Their lawsuits will not be considered if company would face serious threat by hacking personnel. It is just a matter of short time that president will approve this bill.

The amount of money that will be allocated for this bill will be 1.15 trillion. The cyber security law is now going to be based on this bill.

Major Cyber Bill Approved By Congress

The bill is the major regulation which has been approved by congress in the wake of cyber-attacks and hacking attempts by people who impersonate as different government departments. These hacking attempts have badly exposed the privacy of general users as well as different departments whose security is based on privacy of their data.

According to Adam Schiff who co-sponsors house bills and is a ranking member of House Intelligence Committee, this effort by Congress is strategically huge in order to fight cyber threat. This bill has been considered as a major success because it completely covers cyber security matters.

Devin Nunes, chairman of House Intelligence committee further added into this matter, “We wanted to get it done for five years and there’s been a lot of work. We’re happy to get it across the finish line.

The supporters of this bill firmly believe in it because it is a tool which can help in the fight against hackers and other cyber criminals whose intention is always to access people’s personal information.

The approval of this bill has provoked digital rights groups to stand against it. Not too long ago, digital rights groups strived hard to make USA freedom Act get passed. This bill was made to ensure non-implementation of some conflict-ridden surveillance programs.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that several major tech giants had declined the idea of this bill, shortly before its approval. Big names in Silicon Valley such as Apple, yelp and twitter have also came up with disapproval of this bill, saying that they will take part in any such activity to share information.

Still, this bill has been approved by majority of congressmen who emphasize on making internet a crime free medium.