Integration of AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) Pages Expected Soon

Google is all set to integrate Accelerated Mobile Pages in Google search in the month of February 2016. The signature benefit of this move is that faster loading pages will get direct benefit from ranking perspective.

This news was released via a blog post which also gave the news about several other developments. The special press conference was also held at San Francisco in this regard.

The press event’s discussion was based on two major points. First is the integration of AMP pages in the Google Search; and second, designation of the label ‘Fast’ to the websites that would be instinctual for viewers. However it is worth mentioning that both points were speculated.


Dave Besbris, about this integration, posted on Google Plus, “AMP is coming as soon as February to Google Search. We’re seeing lots of great momentum from the publisher and technology worlds. Let’s make the web faster.”

Page loading speed of AMPs has already been in Google’s Tech’s discussions. Since Mobile pages get loaded quickly as compared to other pages, the websites with AMPs are likely to enjoy better positions in Google rankings. Although it hasn’t been confirmed officially by Google but given the reiterated advice of fast loading pages’ development by Google, it can be confidently speculated that AMP pages are going to be major beneficiaries.

Upon asking the question about whether the AMP pages will get the status of ‘AMP’d’, Google responded that they will more likely use the label ‘Fast’ for fast loading pages. Google also clarified that it is not the AMP only what loads fast. Moreover, it is also said that working of any label is not guaranteed after the AMP pages are integrated in Google Search.

To see how the AMP pages look like, there is a test site run by Google. It is also unclear that how the AMP pages will look like when integrated into regular Google search because they will definitely be different. This is the reason that a label ‘fast’ covers a lot.