Google Changes Metrics in AdWords

As of late, Google has started to put in a new metric for their AdWords system, which tells people about the visits to their store, and one can see these based on a Keyword or Even on an Ad level.  This in turn will allow advertisers to see the visits each day, week, or even month to see what works well and when they should put them in.

This is a great thing to have in store, because these can timely be put in at the appropriate times, such as the Thanksgiving season during the football games.  Google did this because they reviewed the data at their own level, and implemented this so that various advertisers can see the keywords and which ads are actually driving up their store visits and helping them.  They also can see which product works the most and brings in the most visitors.

Google Changes Metrics in AdWords

This will also help choose which ads and products to market, such as maybe having some dolls marketed to bring in the most visitors.  They might also be able to improve both online and offline sales as well.  How this works is that they look at the ROI from the online information provided.  The store looks at the advertisers products and sees the relation between that and the visits to their stores.  Now, because of this, you actually end up getting a lot of benefits from this, including four times the amount of conversions overall and you can actually increase the conversion by ten times since you will incorporate the data into your ad performance as well.

Now, how this works is that you might see data on the Google searches for many stores that are out there, such as maybe Macy’s or Target.  We usually have our Google accounts logged in on our mobile devices, and through this Google can look at the searches and the clicks on a various ad, and even what stores a user is going to.  Usually, the visit happens within 30 days, but most of the time if it’s a larger purchase, it can be as big as 90 days.

Now, because of this, it can also look at the locations of the store, and even how the store is made up, and it can show where customers are going to.  The data is kept anonymous though, and it’s only based on those who keep the location on.  You can change it if you don’t want to have that on, but this information is actually used in surveys to help prove the data that is found through this.  For example, if you were looking for SEO, and you searched it, Google would know immediately what you’re looking for, and it would be a part of their survey.

This might seem strange, but it allows people to get the information that they need to help with the improvements of their store.  It’s a way to help track advertisements, and the data is being improved every single day.