Complete Guide to Replace Auto Ignition Switch

There are several problems that can happen due to a faulty ignition switch. These problems mainly include dilly-dallying of car’s engine, lights turning off by themselves and a nonfunctional radio. This issue can leave your car having its engine turned off in the middle of the road and you twisting the key again and again to start the engine.

If you are sure that this problem is only due to a faulty ignition switch, you will need to replace the switch. You can either do it by yourself or you can take your car to the repair shop after searching for Auto Repair Bellevue . Although, doing this task is easier but you will have to take care of several small screws and items which would get detached in the process.

To repair the ignition switch, you will need to follow the below mentioned guide carefully.

  • Make sure that tires are straight and steering wheel is in the centered position.


  • Get the battery disconnected from the car.


  • Remove the horn pad by pulling it. It may need you to apply some force.


  • The horn button would have a wire behind it. Disconnect it.


Now you will need to detach steering wheel and the air bag. Follow the steps mentioned below in order to do it safely.

  • Before beginning, disconnect the battery and wait for about half an hour.


  • The column would have two recessed screws. Remove them.
  • Now the air bag assembly is ready to be detached. Slide it off to remove it.


  • Get the back of airbag unplugged.


  • Locate the horn and disconnect it.


Get the steering wheel and the air bag removed by following the guide mentioned below.

  • There would be a rubber cylinder in the center of steering wheel. Remove it.
  • Removing the rubber cylinder should expose a nut and washer in the center of column assembly. Get the nut and washer removed.
  • To make the process easy to track, mark every part of the assembly according to part’s orientation.


  • Now it should be easy for you to slide off the steering wheel.


  • The stalk would have three screws. Remove them.


  • Get the plastic housing removed by unscrewing it.


  • In order to ensure that wires attached to the switches wouldn’t be damaged, remove two stalks at one time.


  • Next step is to remove the plastic collar that covers the column. You might need to apply some force with a screwdriver through the slots in the bottom for this detachment.


  • At the bottom of the dashboard, there would be a bolt that holds the switch. Remove that bolt.


  • Take out the ignition switch assembly and get the wires at the back of it disconnected.


  • Ignition assembly would have a small screw at the back of it. Undo that screw.
  • Slide out the switch.


  • Apply some grease on the back of replacement switch.


  • Get the wires plugged into the switch.


  • Get all the parts reassembled. You should get good help from the marking which you did in the start of this process.


  • Connect the battery and start your engine using the new switch. It should work well now.


Thats it.  I hope you will find it helpful.