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Summoners War: Some Tips and Tricks for Better Gameplay

Summoners war can be very enjoyable when it’s easy to play. Ease in playing doesn’t mean reduced difficulty levels, but it is more concerned with handling the game controls in order to carry out different tasks proficiently.

Moreover, it is also associated with how you strategize you gameplay. Here are some tricks and tips to help you to have better gaming experience with Summoners war.

  1. Know the monsters’ strengths and weaknesses by memorizing their attributes

Each monster in the game is attributed with a specific element. Now, every element has its strength and weakness against other specific elements. 5 main elements in this game are water, wind, fire, darkness and light. In the game world, water is weaker than wind, wind can be overcome by fire, fire is weaker than water, and darkness/light are stronger/weaker than each other.


  1. Get rid of one enemy at a time

During the fight against opponent monsters, control the monsters under your command to attack one monster at a time. This tactic can help you overcoming the enemy by reducing their chances to make a comeback.


  1. Fighting the Boss Characters

Boss characters are toughest. That’s why they are called boss. To fight them, you need the best from your monsters’ club. At this stage, you will need to keep an eye on the attributes of boss character in order to pick your ally monsters with competitive abilities. Fighting the boss will require your monsters to possess powerful abilities otherwise opponent will put your gameplay into misery.


  1. Participate in Arena Battle

Arena battle serves as the opportunity for you to get rewards, experience and necessary updates in your defense system. Your monsters can get great strength from items like crystals. You can get these items as rewards by fighting the arena battles. Better success rate at arena will help you to upgrade your rank.


  1. Devilmon and Angelmon

These two are the material type monsters. You can go to elemental dungeons and angel garden to get angelmon. Devilmons are usually located in glory shop and devilmon cave. Devilmon has the capability to boost the powers of any of your monster. While Angelmons give your monsters the experience points.


  1. Develop environments for the benefits of your monsters

Make sure that environment, which you are creating, covers the areas like Crystal Lake, Tranquil Forest and gusty Cliffs. Covering these environments will give your monsters extra EXP. Assign all three areas among your monsters in an evenly manner.

  1. Gain Access to Cairo Dungeon by Completing Kabir Ruins

Get everything accomplished within the Kabir Ruins as soon as possible in order to get the Cairo Dungeon unlocked. Cairo Dungeon might not be friendly but you will be able to get highly valuable items for your monsters during this level.

  1. Get a Healer

With the challenging battles against tough opponents, your monster party is definitely going to lose health. To take care of this, you can get a powerful healer in your team. Healers are basically the monsters namely Lulu and Neal. Include them in your team, raise and upgrade them to make them even more powerful. They are surely going to help you in the battle.

These basic tricks are surely going to make your experience with Summoners War exceptional but if you are looking for advance techniques, you can check summoners war hack.